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It's Pretty Awesome!

This new and exciting range is the answer to everyone's dream of making their pony or horse look Pretty Awesome. Get them totally kitted out in their colours with matching bling and even have their name embroidered on!

Pretty Awesome products are made from bright and colourful quality fabrics which are hard wearing material, and have their own matching bling put on as well. This makes it extra special for anyone going to shows to feel so unique as they would be completely different and very proud of being so beautifully attired at the show.

If you want something totally different for their favourite companion in the whole world then you should most definitely look at the Pretty Awesome range of Designer Clothing for their pony or horse.


  • Pony (S) = R200.00

  • Horse (M) = R215.00

  • Horse (L) = R225.00

  • Horse (XL) = R245.00

Saddle cover - one size
  • All Sizes = R170.00

  • Pony (S) = R300.00

  • Horse (M) = R315.00

  • Horse (L) = R340.00

  • Horse (XL) = R370.00

bridle bag - one size
  • One Size = R165.00

  • Pony (S)125cm = R390.00

  • Horse (M) 130cm = R415.00

  • Horse (L) 135cm = R455.00

  • Horse (XL) 140cm = R515.00

Grooming bag - one size
  • One Size = R200.00

Please note:
Pretty Awesome does not manufacture or dye the fabric themselves, so the colour of your fabric could vary slightly. But every effort will be made to match the exact colour of your choice.

Send us your comments and questions, or place an order:

here's how it works:

Once we have received your order, Pretty Awesome will send you a formal quote by email which will have to be accepted by you. This stating exactly what colour, colour of bling and the correct size would be required, if embroidery is also needed, the correct spelling of the name to be embroidered.

Pretty Awesome require a 50% deposit before starting your order. The full amount needs to be paid before the order is dispatched.

Pretty Awesome can arrange for embroidery to be done on the product – should you want to personalize it. There will be an additional cost for the embroidery, which will be included in your quote.

Pretty Awesome will do our best to get your order to you as fast as possible, but remember the quality of the pony and horse wear will not be compromised.
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